12 Gauge

Less Lethal Launcher

         The Bruzer Less Lethal Launcher Platform was designed to fill a void in the Less Lethal option for Law Enforcement, Military, and Civilians. As the world view evolves, the demand for political correctness, the mitigation of loss to property and human life is in high demand.   The Bruzer Less Lethal Launcher Platform is that option.


         We heard your frustrations with the current less lethal options available.  We designed a multiple shot launcher that can help bridge the gap in current less lethal options. Our plan was, keep it simple, keep it light weight, keep it versatile, and make it affordable to all.


         Bruzer Less Lethal Launcher Platform uses existing 12 gauge less lethal munitions.  Some of the munitions available include: Kinetic Energy Impact, Chemical, Signaling, and Muzzle Blast munitions. These munitions are available from a variety of manufacturers, distributors, and retail stores.  By changing the munitions, you can dynamically alter the function in which the Bruzer Less Lethal Launcher Platform operates. 


         The appearance of Bruzer is all about intimidation. Visually, Bruzer with its flat black exterior and large bore stainless steel barrels, command respect.  We intend for the subject to think about their actions and what is pointed at them.  An optional ORANGE BARREL  configuration allows fellow officers to identify that a less lethal launcher is in use to discourage sympathetic fire in tactical situations.


         The Bruzer Less Lethal Launcher Platform requires cost effective munitions, no battery chargers or batteries, and is simple to use.  Simple operating procedures, allow the ability to place greater distance between you and the suspect with multiple shots.


         Bruzer is built with a tactical rail that will accept most standard lights, lasers, and police cameras.  We have incorporated all the features that military and law enforcement have demanded.    Bruzer is made of a light weight modern materials. Bruzer is the size of an average duty weapon which allows for cross draw function.   




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